Steps To Place 4d Bets Online

Now you can place 4D bets virtually, through online gambling portals. You can place self pick bets for 4D roll, iBET, system entry, and ordinary draws conduction on different days of the week. The minimum stake for the bet is usually $1. However, scenarios can change accordingly.

Here are the steps to place the bets online:

  1. Open the lottery homepage and from there at the left of navigation, select the 4D option
  2. You will find a Dropdown List. From the list, select the Bet Type
  3. You will find different types, Ordinary, iBet, 4D Roll, and System Entry. Make your pick. However, do keep in mind that you can enter boards of the same bet type on a page only.
  4. Next, pick the draw days for which you are placing the bets. You can choose for a single draw, double draw, and also for all the days for which the draw is conducted. Well, if you are considering 4D online Malaysia Roll, it is best to place bets for a single draw only.
  5. You need to enter the numbers for which you want to place the bets. Then, enter the Big or Small stake. There is an icon on the left side of every board that can be used to generate numbers of random order. If you are betting for System Entry, iBet, or Ordinary, you need to enter 4 digits. If you want to opt for 4D roll, you need to enter three digits and a single ‘R’.
  6. Repeat all the steps if you want to add the boards of similar bet type. Remember, you can include a total of 10 boards at a time. If you want to clear the selection, simply select the CROSS. There is also a bottom placed at the right corner to remove all the selections.
  7. Now, you need to select ADD TO BET SLIP. This will help in lining up the bets in your betting slip. Check the slip to ensure that it reflects the bets accurately. Once it does, select the PLACE BET option.
  8. If you want to review the bets once more, select DECLINE. If you want to confirm the bet placement, select ACCEPT.

You can visit the TRANSACTION HISTORY to track the bets.

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