Basics Of TOTO Sports

Are you totally new to Toto online games? Well, it is fun and exciting. There are really some big money to win. If you have never bought a single Toto ticket in your life, there’s something big that you are missing out on. Consider the holiday seasons like the New Year and Christmas when the toto jackpots can reach quite a few million in prize money!

If you are new to the game, there is every possibility that you may find the rule of the game to be much cumbersome. However, once you understand the basics, scenarios will be easier to handle. Before participating in toto sports live, you need to learn about the necessary rules of the game.

The easiest version to consider is Ordinary Bet. This basically involves selecting six numbers from the range of 1-49. You can place a minimum bet of $1 for each of the number being selected. Now comes the best part! If you can match at least three of the winning numbers, you are up there to win a prize.  How much maximum can you win? Well, if all of the numbers that you have selected matches the winning numbers, you are going to crack the jackpot. No matter how many sets of numbers you purchase, you need to ensure that the winning numbers belong from the same set. Otherwise, you will not be winning any. If you don’t have any kind of number preference, you simply can generate random number sets through QUICKPICK. It will help with the process. There are also complicated betting systems available, the most common being System 7 to 12 Entry. In this process, you need to pick place 7 to 12 within a specific set. It also comes with increased betting cost.

There is also the System Roll Toto where the betting is placed on 5 numbers as per your choice and accordingly pick another one rolling number. Keep in mind the rolling number can be anything from the other 44 numbers.

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